How to Install a Aluminum Fencing
If you want to know whether or not it is easy to install aluminum fencing, you will be delighted to know that it isn’t really extremely hard at all. You will need some basic DIY skills but for the most part you should find the job isn’t too difficult to complete.

The first stage is the planning stage. This is important to remember because good planning makes the whole process a lot quicker to complete. You’ll need to stake out the area where the fence will go initially, to ensure you know where the panels are going to slot in and where the fence posts are going to be required. If you get this wrong or try and erect it faster without doing this stage, you’ll have a hard time getting things just right.

Mark out the line of the fence by putting stakes into the ground and tying some string around them. The string should be a short distance off the ground - otherwise it could become buried in soil as you mark it out.

Next up comes the task of figuring out where the most important posts will go. If you are going to have a gate installed in the run of fencing, you’ll need to mark out the area where the gate posts need to be. These are non negotiable, as are the posts for the ends of the run of fencing, for obvious reasons. The same applies to the corners, so make sure you mark out these spots as well.

Once these are all done you can figure out much more easily where the remaining posts will be needed, and indeed how many of them you will need as well. Always bear in mind the size of the aluminum fence panels you will be using when you are working this out.

The depth the post needs to go into the ground will depend on how tall the post is, so always read the instructions to see how far down you’ll need to dig. In addition to this the cement should always level out just a few inches below the ground level once it sets in place. Make sure you allow for this so you can fill in the hole with soil later on when the cement is dry. It will be far more attractive like this.

You will need to give the posts time to set firmly in place before adding the panels. Never mix up more cement than you need at a time. Something like Quickcrete is ideal to use because (as the name suggests) it is fast setting. But this means using it one hole at a time.

The fence posts are by far the hardest part of the fence to erect. Learning how to install aluminum fencing is really all about putting the fence posts in, because once this is done you only have to move the panels into place. You then simply have to use the nuts and bolts to ensure they are all firmly screwed into position, to complete your new fence.





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