How to Install a Vinyl Fence
What kind of fencing do you have in your yard? Most people want something that will last for a long time and need the minimum of maintenance. This is why learning how to install a vinyl fence is a good thing to know, because it meets all the aspects of fencing we’ve covered above.

For starters you will find it lasts a long time and needs very little in the way of maintenance. Wood might look good but you will have to treat it regularly so it can withstand the weather. And other materials will also need some maintenance if they are going to last as long as possible.

But vinyl fencing does not have this problem. Once you have installed it you will find it is easy to keep looking its best. Let’s find out how you can install it shall we?

For starters you need to know whether you can install it safely. Every area has building regulations that make it essential to check whether you are allowed to install it immediately or whether you have to apply for permission. You should also check your boundary agreements as per your house deeds before doing anything like this.

Assuming you have made all the essential checks you should carefully measure up the area to see how much fencing you need. When you install a vinyl fence the first thing you need to consider is whether or not you will need a gate anywhere along its length. Obviously this may not always be necessary; for example if you are running the fence down one side of your yard. But if you have rear access and you want to continue the fence down there, you need to think about where the gate will be positioned.

Measure everything out carefully and mark out where the fence posts will need to go. You then need to dig a hole for each one, making sure you know what size your fence panels are going to be before you do so. Don’t just measure the fence panels either – make sure you have exactly the right gap in between them to accommodate the posts. Always check with the building regulations to ensure you have the right depth hole for your posts.

Once all the holes are dug you can fit the posts in place. This is an excellent time to be sure your fence panels fit in perfectly. If they don’t it is easier to make changes now rather than waiting until the posts are concreted in place!

Once the posts are solid and set into place, you can add the brackets that will keep your fence panels in place. Finally the panels themselves can be positioned; you might find it helpful to get someone to assist you at this point.

You should now have the vinyl fencing you wanted. As you can see, knowing how to install a vinyl fence is a good skill to have, and it is not as hard as you might think – provided you plan enough in advance.




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