How to Choose Between Aluminum & Vinyl Fencing
Fencing is a necessary item in virtually everyone’s yard. To this end, choosing the right kind of fencing for your own needs is definitely something worth thinking about first. Each type has its own pros and cons, so you will need to discover which type is going to be best for you.

For instance, aluminum fencing looks very nice but it doesn’t provide much in the way of privacy. This is because the design allows for a number of aluminum poles which are spaced at equal distances away from each other. Some people grow bushes up against them but it really defeats the object of having a fence there in the first place if you do this.

As such you might be more likely to select aluminum fencing at the front of your property. You can get this fencing in different heights, and a low fence of this type would work well in this case. Also, you can have a matching gate that will look quite nice at the start of the path that leads up to the front of your house. It is also possible to buy larger gates for your driveway, so you can see you can get the whole matching kit to get the best finishing touches.

But what would you do about your back yard? In this case aluminum fencing may not work very well, mainly because of the lack of privacy it affords. A good alternative in this case would be vinyl fencing, because it has several distinct advantages to bear in mind.

The main one is that it is fantastic if you want some privacy. You can get high panels that provide perfect protection from your neighbors if you don’t want them seeing over into your garden. They also have the appearance of wood panels from a distance, if you imagine they have been painted. Many vinyl panels are available in white, which can bring a fresh new look to your yard and ensure your plants and flowers really show up against this background.

You can get more ornate types of vinyl fencing as well if you wish. If you want the same fencing to match at the front and back of your house, you can buy shorter fencing panels for the front and a matching gate as well. Taller panels can then be used at the rear.

In addition to this, some vinyl fencing has a decorative top to it. For example some have a small section of lattice work at the top of the panel, instead of continuing in the same design all the way up to the top. This gives you a more eye catching and pleasant look if you want something a bit different.

Finally there is the advantage with both aluminum and vinyl fencing that they need very little in the way of upkeep. This is great news if you would rather spend time on your garden instead of the fencing that goes around it.





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